Information from Nidderdale Plus

Published: 01 June 2020

1. Please see the bulletin we have published today about the NHS test and trace system that is going live shortly. This marks the next phase of dealing with COVID-19 in the community and it would be good to let people know about what to expect and what to look out for.
2. We are interested in potentially carrying out some survey work in Nidderdale so that we can better understand what services people have been valuing and what services will continue to be useful. It would also be useful to know what proportion of those who have been self isolating will continue to do so. I am thinking here mainly of the over-70s, the medically shielding and vulnerable people. We do not anticipate needing to do this in the whole of Nidderdale—maybe just a couple of the 13 network areas will suffice as a sample. This info will be useful to us as we continue to offer and develop new services, and also potentially to NYCC. Can you let me know if you would be interested in doing such a survey in your area? If you have any queries about what this may involve, please give me a call: 07789 173011.
3. The NHS is opening up more so that regular clinics and out patient appointments at Harrogate Hospital are becoming more available. We can assist with home to hospital transport for those with no transport of their own, using minibuses and carrying one person at a time to preserve social distancing. If residents need transport, please let them know they can call us 0n 01423 714953 to book journeys.