Face Masks

Published: 01 June 2020

A lady in Darley has been making face masks from donated materials and is happy to make more for local people. She currently has material on hand to make up to around 150 masks, but is also keen to receive more material so that she can make more masks—please see what she says below:

I've been sewing them with donated materials and giving them out upon request to volunteers and residents in Darley and the surrounding areas. (Please note that they are NOT considered medical-grade according to government standards).

Instead of payment for the masks she is keen for people to make a donation to a charity, and is happy for—Nidderdale Plus-- to be the nominated charity for the purposes of this request. If the donation people make could include an additional £1 towards postage that would be great. If people want to donate materials, they can email or phone on 01423 714953 and they can sort out a driver to pick them up from them when out and about delivering prescriptions, library books, etc.

Please email admin@nidderdaleplus.org.uk if you would like one or more masks, and use this link for donations https://www.nidderdaleplus.org.uk/donate-support/